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HI! I'm new >.> [Apr. 23rd, 2008|06:20 am]
Pounds Be Gone


[mood |excitedexcited]

Name: Charles/Charlie
Location: NYC
Current Weight:345
Highest Weight:360
Ideal Weight:180
What was the worst diet that you have tried? Liquid Diet
What diet has had the best results for you? Atkins
Do you currently work out? If so, what activities do you participate in? If not, are you looking into to beginning? Does dancing around to loud rock music count as exercise? What? Really? Even if these jolts go on for periods up to 2 hours. Damn. I guess none then.
Do you belong to a gym? If so, which gym? Not currently no
What moment made you decide to lose weight? Hm. Harsh Breakup.
Is there a goal that you want to reach? YES. To fit the very nice tshirt hanging over my bed that's supposed to keep me motivated
Do you have any helpful tips to share? Currently? Not really.
Share some pics: (This is just to put a name to a face)